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Translations by [personal profile] ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

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Tegoshi: In Osaka, Koyashige came along. It was surprising. It was a real surprise.

Koyama: Our costumes for today
Shige: For today
Koyama: It was yesterday right
Shige: Yeah, we got a call
Koyama: It was after 12 o'clock about today
Shige: Koyama will go, so I went along

Koyama: It's almost time

Tegoshi: Earlier, the staff said that there would be a video message from Shige and Kei-chan. And to play it during the concert. There will be a video message, yes. Well, let's see the KoyaShige message. Let's sit first

Shige: Has it (the recording) started?
KoyaShige: Tegomasu's first live, congratulations!
Koyama: It's a good thing
Shige: Really, when I heard of "Miso Soup", I thought it was "Miso Seal"
Koyama: What's with Miso soup!?
Shige: "What is up with that?!" was what I thought, but now they have an album. "Uta/Song". This face on the album cover, just what is wrong with it? But it's amazing, going to Suika park. It's a really good thing.
Koyama: That's true. We wanted to tell that to everyone.
Shige: It's really busy!
Koyama: Yes.
Shige: Tegomasu, do your best!
Koyama: Bye bye!

Tegoshi: Thank you!
Masu: Right now, why were they holding mikes?
Tegoshi: Seriously? I didn't notice they were holding mikes! How strange. what's up with that?

Shige: oi!
Tegomasu: Uwaaa!
Tegoshi: What's this?
Shige: Oi, hello
Koyama: Hello everyone!
Shige: I'm Kato Shigeaki
Koyama: I'm Koyama Keiichiro
KoyaShige: We're KoyaShige

Masu: Seriouosly, why did you come?
Koyama: You didn't know right
Tegoshi: I didn't know at all
Shige: It was completely exciting
Tegoshi: I didn't notice you were holding mikes at all
Masu: It's not normal!
Koyama: Shige and I came by riding the bullet train. This is really member love.

Masu: Thanks, really. Thank you
Koyama: Masu noticed.
Shige: You would normally notice that.
Masu: You were holding a mike, and your voice was louder because of that.

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Date: 2011-06-09 01:55 am (UTC)
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O___O wow! much love much love between the members., I can just imagine their faces. Thanks for translating :)

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